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Award Notice Date
Date First Offered
Cusas Code
Purchasing Agency
Award Amount
Bulletin Source
Goods Services
Reference Number
Notice Type
4/23/20184/23/2018608Chicago State UniversityKevin L Payne- Bring Da Payne Sports Medicine$510.00EDUAthletic TrainerCSU58056General Award
4/23/20184/23/2018608Chicago State UniversityKevin L Payne- Bring Da Payne Sports Medicine$270.00EDUAthletic TrainerCSU58058General Award
4/19/20181/30/2018416CMS - Central Management ServicesAdvanced Commodities, Inc.$824,979.90CMSPSD POULTRY 18-4 228820Contract Award Notice
4/19/20181/30/2018416CMS - Central Management ServicesMJ Kellner$2,136.55CMSPSD POULTRY 18-4 228820Contract Award Notice
4/20/20183/6/2018416CMS - Central Management ServicesEarly Child Care Services, Inc$0.00GSOCMS Child Care Services at MABB22042032 cross reference with IPBRequest for Proposal (RFP)
4/23/20185/13/2015427DES - Employment SecurityMicrosystems, Inc.$76,550.00CMSScanning and Imaging Services22042223Contract Renewal
4/19/20181/27/2015444DHS - Human ServicesF.J. Murphy and Son, Inc.$30,000.00CMSFY16 DHS McFarland MHC Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Services22034976Contract Amended
4/19/20181/30/2015444DHS - Human ServicesProgressive Electric, Inc.$15,000.00CMSDHS FY16 McFarland Center Electrical System Repair and Maintenance Services22035116Contract Amended
4/19/20183/19/2015444DHS - Human ServicesCalumet City Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.$7,900.00CMSFY16 Plumbing Services for the Ludeman Center22035195Contract Amended
4/19/20189/21/2015444DHS - Human ServicesAll Cleaners, Inc.$30,000.00CMSDHS FY16-18 Ludeman Developmental Center Snow Removal Services22037079Contract Amended
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