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Award Notice Date
Date First Offered
Cusas Code
Purchasing Agency
Award Amount
Bulletin Source
Goods Services
Reference Number
Notice Type
4/12/20214/7/2021448DoIT - Department of Innovation and TechnologyGartner, Inc.$195,435.00GSOPB JPMC IT Research and Advisory Services21-448DOIT-ADMIN-B-21607Request for Proposal (RFP)
4/13/20216/9/2015448DoIT - Department of Innovation and TechnologyRL Canning, Inc.$0.00GSOJPMC RENEWAL NOTICE for ITRP Terms and Conditions - RL Canning22034078Renewal
4/13/20216/9/2015448DoIT - Department of Innovation and TechnologySavvy Technology Solutions LLC$0.00GSOJPMC RENEWAL NOTICE for ITRP Terms and Conditions - Savvy Technology22034078Renewal
4/12/20214/7/2021448DoIT - Department of Innovation and TechnologyCDW GOVERNMENT LLC$1,000,000.00GSOEmergency Notice JPMC PB Adobe Software21-448DOIT-INFOT-B-21590Emergency
4/14/20213/26/2021416CMS - Central Management ServicesNew Star, Inc. DBA SouthSTAR Services $5,019,852.00GSOSUP 5 Day Janitorial L0206 L5586 L448021-416CMS-BOPM4-B-21328State Use
4/14/20213/22/2021444DHS - Human ServicesShambaugh & Son LP$73,922.00GSORENEWAL NOTICE DHS Ludeman Sprinkler & Fire Alarm R & M FY2221-444DHS-DEVDI-B-21174Renewal
4/13/20216/12/2017444DHS - Human ServicesIGOR The Watchdog Corp.$232,540.00GSOFY 22 RENEWAL-NOT A BID OPPORTUNITY FY 18 DHS/CHICAGO AREA DELIVERY FCS 22040691/ b-15920Renewal
4/13/20212/17/2021426DOC - CorrectionsRagold Corporation$69,795.00GSOElectronic Responses Only: ICI - Garment Thread21-426DOC-ICICE-B-20451Invitation for Bid (IFB)
4/13/20219/30/2019494DOT - TransportationPatterson Commercial Flooring, Inc.$466,075.50GSORenewal Notice CO Luxury Vinyl Tile etc and Installation Services10335Renewal
4/14/20214/9/2019616Governors State UniversityBurke, Burns & Pinelli Ltd.$783,481.05EDUlegal services040819Emergency
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