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Award Notice Date
Date First Offered
Cusas Code
Purchasing Agency
Award Amount
Bulletin Source
Goods Services
Reference Number
Notice Type
10/14/20209/29/2020448DoIT - Department of Innovation and TechnologyEnvironmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.$250,000.00GSOEMERGENCY JPMC ESRI GIS Products and Maintenance 21-448DOIT-ADMIN-B-17774Emergency
10/16/20206/19/2020 Illinois ComptrollerMatrix Systems Group$19,536.00EDUSharePoint consulting services.2828Emergency
10/14/202010/14/2020676University of Illinois SystemSpencer Fane LLP$99,999.00EDULegal services9JLH2103General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityLeague Creative Group$10,000.00EDUGraphic DesignerCSUT66737General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityWadlington Reporting Service Inc.$250.00EDUCourt ReporterCSU66728General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityLamar Advertising$59,875.00EDUAdvertising/ MarketingCSU66804General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityEC-United$38,524.00EDUIT Professional ServicesCSU66713General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityGregory Nimpson$540.00EDUEducatorCSU66693General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State UniversityInterstate JCDecaux, LLC$7,500.00EDUAdvertising/ MarketingCSUT66742General Award
10/16/202010/16/2020608Chicago State University1st AEROW Valuation Group, LLC$6,500.00EDUAppraisalCSU66792General Award
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